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Hi, I am Alejandro.

I am passionate about wisdom and some kinds of curiosity.

Advisor to AI and technology companies. I coach high-performing, successful leaders and founders.

Creating bridges between tech and government: Fellow at the Lincoln Network.

Formerly Chief of Staff and Director of Special Ops for stealth AI company.

Early stage start-ups, emerging tech, philosophy, and storytelling are my jam.

Currently exploring the role of consciousness and identity in the age of AI.

Agriculture enthusiast. Mycelium Novice (mushrooms).

I love people. Especially helping them develop and expressing their authentic selfs.

10 Second Bio

Born in Colombia.
South Florida Native.
Educated in Boston.
Living in NYC.
Traveling the World.

I love challenging my self in all aspects of life.

Favorite Book: Seeking Wisdom
Favorite Sport: Formula 1 – Scuderia Ferrari

Things I am digging right now:

Fabio Mesa + Hilma af klint
Identity & Consciousness
Freedom of the mind

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